YUME-NO-YUME - Summer - Goldfish 12 sticks

YUME-NO-YUME - Summer - Goldfish 12 sticks

YUME-NO-YUME - Summer - Goldfish 12 sticks

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The clean cool scent of a mountain stream.
Yume-no-Yume (translated as "The Dream of Dreams"), is a contemporary Japanese incense combined with beautiful Japanese art design. The package design reflects the four seasons in Japanese art style and depict dreamy, peaceful images. Yume-no-Yume (The Dream of Dreams) has a subtle, yet full bodied Japanese fragrance. In Japan, the flow of one season to the next is very subtle, which is why the premonition of the coming season is a very important theme in literature and paintings. In the Dream of Dreams line, these premonitions appear in the forms of flowers, plants, and animals. The images, like the seasons, are at times clear and at others fading out. This soothing incense is created especially to evoke pleasant dreams and to remind us of long forgotten memories.


- Fruity floral marine: The clean cool scent of a mountain stream.
- A package includes 12 incense sticks and a mini metal incense holder
- Each stick burns about 20 minutes
- Elegant Japanese art printed on a package
- For relaxation, healing, sleeping, stress reduction, massaging, yoga, bathing


Key Note Mint, Watermelon and Jasmine
Burn Time approx. 20 min.
W x H x D (inch) 3 15/16 X 5 1/8 X 1/2
W x H x D (mm) 100 X 130 X 13

Customer Reviews

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Noelle Groff
My favorite incense of all time

Goldfish smells great!

Unusual and lovely!

This is a lovely yet unusual scent. It has both fruit and floral notes, but they are not overpowering. The blend is sublime.
I wish the Yume no Yume line was offered in larger quantities so I didn't have to be so stingey with it.

Whoever doesn't like this has a broken nose

We use incense for meditation, and discovered this brand and this scent at a Japanese grocery in Portland. Of all the incense I've tried over decades, this is my very favorite! Fresh yet nostalgic, the brand name fits. I don't normally review things but when I saw 1 star for this incense, I felt compelled to defend it.

Mississippi Kittenfish
I couldn't keep the package in my house!

I could smell this incense through the plastic case and paper wrap as soon as I opened the package and I couldn't keep it in the house! Overpowering, oddly fruity, perfumed and musky scent.

Julie Hurford
Refreshingly Clean - Fruit and Ocean Air

Very fresh - a well-balance mixture of not-too-sweet fruit in balance with fresh marine air. I burned four sticks in succession, perfuming the room for a few days. This is my first experience with the series, and I am impressed. Very beautiful packaging. Highly recommended.

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