How to Smudge: A Simple Guide for Smudging

Smudging has become increasingly popular as a way to reset any negative energy that you can do at home. It just takes a few easy steps to energetically cleanse a space to invite positive energy. For centuries, Native American and Indigenous cultures have practiced smudging by burning herbs and plant resins as a ceremony to clear away negative energy and invite peace and harmony for an individual or environments.

Items You Need:
First, you will need a few items to start your smudge. You will need an herb (popular ones are the white sage bundle/stick and Palo Santo- a Peruvian ‘holy wood’ stick). To hold the burning herb, you will need an abalone shell or a heat-resistant container. You will also need a match or candle to light the herb. You can use an eagle feather or your hand to fan the smoke.

Think About the Purpose:
Before starting the smudge process, think and focus on the purpose. Are you trying to cleanse your brand new home? Are you trying to drive negative energy away from your mind or body? It is important to clarify why you are smudging so that you can focus and believe in the smudging process.

Burning an Herb Stick:
You can use a match, lighter, or candle to light the end of the herb stick. It is recommended to use a candle to burn a Palo Santo stick—in this case, hold the stick at a 45-degree angle.When lighting the herb stick, wait until the inside becomes red before removing from the flame. There is no need to blow out the flame forcefully. Let the smoke waft into the air. You can walk around your room with the stick if you are trying to cleanse the space, or simply place it in an abalone shell or a heat-resistant container. You can also use a feather or your hand to fan the smoke to flow into the direction you want. While the smoke is flowing, think positively and imagine your mind, body, and your environment becoming purified.


Traditionally, Indigenous people would fan the smoke to their head, eyes, mouth, heart, and then to the rest of the body for the individual’s cleansing, health, and wisdom. Then they would let the smoke flow into the air to purify their environment. While they do the smudging, some people would say positive things in their mind or say their prayers to show appreciation of their surroundings.


Burning Resin:
Another way of smudging is burning plant resin such as frankincense resin with a charcoal disk. Simply place a charcoal disk in a heat-resistant dish or bowl, then light the disk until it starts to spark (approximately 30 seconds). Place a pinch of resin on the indentation. Use metal tongs to handle charcoal- do not use hands as they get very hot. Let the smoke flow. You can use your hand to fan the smoke to the direction you like. Please remember to ventilate the room during smudging.

Smudging is a Powerful Practice:
Again, smudging can help clear away stagnant or unwanted energies in your spirit and in your home. Because this practice has been carried on for centuries, people should practice smudging with respect to the culture and the herbs that they use. With this in mind, you can make it a Sunday routine to have a fresh start of the week, or simply make it a solution to cleanse your mind & air in your home. 


Recommended Items for Smudging:

Recommended Incense with Herbal Fragrance: