How to Use Incense

▼ Using incense stand & ceramic plate
1. Light the tip of the incense and blow out the flame.

2. Put the burning incense in an incense stand and place on top of a ceramic plate to catch the ashes. Another method of burning incense is to place the stick in a container of help hold the stick up straight.

3. Place the incense in the center or corner of a room and avoid having it directly next to you.

4. The best way to experience incense is to enjoy the wafting fragrant smoke from afar.

As you see the smoke rise you will begin to enjoy the pleasant fragrance that spreads throughout your space. You will also enjoy the lingering fragrance of the incense long after it has stopped burning.

▼ Using incense burner with incense ash
1. Fill the incense burner with incense burner ash (up to about 80%).

2. Light the top of the incense and then extinguish the flame. Let the smoke drift through the air.

3. If it is a stick incense, stand it on its end in the ash. If it is a cone or coil incense, place it on top of the ash.

4. Leave the lid off to let the incense burn. *The lid may be closed if there is no danger of cutting off oxygen to the flame.

NOTE: Our incense ingredients include natural products that may sometimes cause color changes or crystallization; however this has no effect on the quality of the product. Please be careful when dealing with fire.