Ideas for where to place incense

by Nippon Kodo
Selecting the fragrance and type of incense can depend on the placement of the incense. Burn time may also be selected based on the purpose of the room the incense is placed in. Take a look at a few of our fragrance/placement ideas to help you create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Entrance – If you want to place incense at your entrance near the door, we recommend the coil type and choosing a woody soft fragrance welcoming guests in.

Coil Incense Woody Incense

Workspace – We recommend fragrances that help assist in calmness and concentration like aloeswood and hinoki (Japanese cypress).

Aloeswood Hinoki

Living room – As this is a place where people gather, we recommend extravagant fragrances.

Perfumy Fruity Floral

Kitchen – We recommend fresh citrusy scents or fresh and clean scents.

Citrus Fresh

Bathroom – We recommend sandalwood, herbal, citrusy, or aromatic scents.

Sandalwood Herbal Aromatic Citrus