KYARA MOMOYAMA - Exceptional Aloeswood 36 SHORT STICKS

KYARA MOMOYAMA - Exceptional Aloeswood 36 SHORT STICKS
KYARA MOMOYAMA - Exceptional Aloeswood 36 SHORT STICKS

KYARA MOMOYAMA - Exceptional Aloeswood 36 SHORT STICKS

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KYARA (Aloeswood) is a fragrant wood that has been respected and treasured for centuries.
Nature creates a supreme fragrance and is combined with tradition and craftsmanship to produce this incense.

The Aloeswood used to create the incense is ground very carefully a little at a time in the dry Winters morning air.
Every stick of this incense is produced by a skilled craftsman using traditional technique.

Momoyama Aloeswood is made from a rare Vietnamese wood that has a sweetness and allows you to experience the deep rich fragrance of the Momoyama culture.

Burning Time: 13min

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Danli Zhou
The Best

The best Aloeswood I could afford. Slim and graceful scent. Momoyama period aroma. Repurchased immediately as I don’t feel safe if not have another box at my hand.

Thomas Voss
Great Packaging

Not a fair review because I know I’ll enjoy burning them more during the summer months with the windows open but my initial thoughts are that they aren’t worth the price.

Leonard Buschel

very delicate

it's good but not as good as I wished

It's sweet and invasive in a good way, and the Kyara note is more reachable. However, at this price point, I expect a bit more. Kyara Taikan, which is one-step down, offers much better value. If money is not an issue, definitely should go deeper into the premium lines. Let's say... Kyara Heian is a much better starting point.

Absolutely top three of all my collection

It is sweet, shimmeringly, and yes, expensive, but it is so amazing, better than burning your own chips without the hassle, that one day I will splurge on the long sticks.... one day. It's agar times 10. Warning, these are really short, and perhaps burn for 10 mins. They're not too thin, but not hefty either. I have to burn them close to me so I can smell it. My room is 350sq ft, and these short sticks do not fill the eyes on are the long sticks, like I said, one day. Amazing, Instead of going out to dinner one night, splurge on this, but don't buy the long sticks, those will be mine!

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