JINKOH JUZAN - Aloeswood 24 sticks

JINKOH JUZAN - Aloeswood 24 sticks
JINKOH JUZAN - Aloeswood 24 sticks
JINKOH JUZAN - Aloeswood 24 sticks
JINKOH JUZAN - Aloeswood 24 sticks

JINKOH JUZAN - Aloeswood 24 sticks

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A valued scented wood, Jinkoh "Aloeswood", is used to make Jinkoh Juzan (Aloeswood Fortune Mountain).
Jinkoh is noted as "graceful in nature, willowy in character, with a pinch of bitterness in mild taste" by old textbooks of Koh-Do (The way of incense appreciation). In Jinkoh Juzan, Aloeswood, Sandalwood, and herbal medicines are used bountifully to create an elegant and tasteful fragrance.


Key Note


Burn Time

Approx. 13 min.

W x H x D (inch)

1 3 1/16 1

W x H x D (mm)

25 X 78 X 25

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bitter Aloeswood with Herbal scent

Smells like CN herbal medicines at first. Bitter and aggressive yet in a good way. 24 short sticks so not quite economic sufficient. But affordable so I ordered the set.

Ryan Tamoria

When you light aloeswood nothing else matters at that time! Your wife could b yelling at you to other distractions. That all goes out the window. Once it’s sparked and lit, immediately that punch to the face from the amazing smoke brings out your second skin. In that brief time you are in a trance only that you now are thinking wow this is amazing and you just go about stuff in a new you and say ok babe whatever you need. I love it true story btw.

Subtle but definite aloeswood.

I am not an aloeswood expert, and have not yet tried the very expensive ones. I do burn charcoal however. This comes the closest to burning real aloeswood on charcoal, which is a complement I would rarely pay to an incense. Excellent.

Cynthia W.
Jinkoh Juzan Aloeswood

Perfect selection for relaxation and meditation in the morning. Short sticks are the right size for a small space the soft aroma is divine. I love the woody sweet low smoke level.

Superior Quality

No doubt very good quality. I received four samples from NK from this series:
Mainichi Byakudan
Jinkoh Juzan
Kyara Knogo
Kyara Taikan

Jinkoh Juzan is my most favorite! It is a little sweeter to my nose. I know it's not the highest quality of aloeswood among the four but somehow, I enjoyed this the most.

All in the series are great quality. Very good value for the price.

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