ITTEN ASSORTMENT - 1 roll each of 4 fragrances

ITTEN #980-A04
ITTEN ASSORTMENT - 1 roll each of 4 fragrances
ITTEN ASSORTMENT - 1 roll each of 4 fragrances
ITTEN ASSORTMENT - 1 roll each of 4 fragrances

ITTEN ASSORTMENT - 1 roll each of 4 fragrances

ITTEN #980-A04
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ITTEN ASSORTMENT - 1 roll each of 4 fragrances - Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Lily, Chrysanthemum
ITTEN (it-ten) refers to the broad sky. Surrender yourself to the fragrant atmosphere by reaching out to the sky with a sense of release. Your spirit freely wanders in the air, feeling a moment of well-being.
Approx. 30 sticks / 1 roll

ITTEN - Aloeswood(An elegant fragrance of precious aloeswood)

For a long time in rich nature, the fragrant wood Jinkoh (aloeswood) nurtures an odoriferous scent. The name of the fragrant tree was first written in Japan's oldest documentation established in the 8th century. It also states that warriors burned incense on their armor in the 16th century. From ancient times to the present, Jinkoh has been cherished as one of the precious Japanese fragrances.

Burn time: Approx. 60 min


ITTEN - Sandalwood (a gentle and sweet fragrance of sandalwood)
The leaves and bark on Sandalwood have very little fragrance, however, the heartwood of sandalwood has a fragrance that gives an Asian note, having a warm sweetness, refreshing, and clean note especially from a high-quality sandalwood. The fragrance of sandalwood is believed to have a calming effect. Burn time: Approx. 50 min


ITTEN - Lily (a hint of sweetness in the woody fragrance of lily)
The lily flower is regarded as a symbol of pureness and sophisticated beauty by its elegant beauty, widely popular among many people. Today, the lily flower has various shapes and colors, growing in various parts of the world. Burn time: Approx. 45 min


ITTEN - Chrysanthemum (calming and serene notes of chrysanthemum)

Noble is one of the symbolism of chrysanthemum as the flower is used as a Japanese imperial crest.There was a custom in Japan in which every September, people placed chrysanthemum in the room and drank sake with the flower petals in the cup in order to drive away evil spirits and to wish for longevity. Burn time:
Approx. 45 min


Key Note:
Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Lily, Chrysanthemum

Burn Time:

Approx. 45 min to 60 min.

W x H x D (inch):

5/8 x 8 3/4 x 5/8

W x H x D (mm):

16 x 222 x 16

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Barron Hampton
Very nice, but prefer boxes

This incense is fine. The sandalwood and aloeswood and the two floral scents are superb. But it would be nice to have a solid box to store the sticks in. I prefer the long sticks for the longer burn time. These have a wonderful smell.

Nice for meditation

I like all these scents - they're clean, natural smelling blends, all give me a sense of open space. With the longer burn time, they're perfect for contemplation. The flower scents are more woody than floral, but very nice. Aloeswood and Lily are my favorites.

Dawn Milton
good quality

I was pleased with the quality of the incense

Wonderful assortment

A great assortment of beautiful scents, ranging from spicy to floral. Would definitely purchase again.

K N Goodrich
3 out of 4 ain't bad

The aloe scented roll smelled of burning wet leaves and not in a good way. The others were all OK.

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