INTERIOR GARDEN NATURE - Lemongrass & Mint Japanese Style Incense

INTERIOR GARDEN NATURE - Lemongrass & Mint Japanese Style Incense

INTERIOR GARDEN NATURE - Lemongrass & Mint Japanese Style Incense

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Fresh, citrusy aromatic perfume. The natural freshness of a duet of Lemongrass and Mint, a harmony of summer hues.
Key notes: lemongrass, rosemary, tea, mint leaves, amber, & woody note

40 sticks and one incense holder. Burning time: approx. 25 min. per stick. Length: 16 cm / 6.2 in.

Olfactory Journey: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a Mediterranean herb garden. Patches of wild mint spread their tender green blades along the path. You pick a few and gently crush them in the palm of your hand… and dip your nose to breathe in their delightful aroma. Your nostrils are immersed in a sweet aromatic bouquet, followed immediately by the tart freshness of a lemongrass plant you notice growing close by, surrounded by other fragrant herbs. A tangy cocktail that leaves a smile on your lips; summer has officially begun…

Customer Reviews

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This was our first time trying this brand and it’s a really beautiful smell.

Marc C.
This is best.

7th review. So I save this for last and this is the closest to what you would have in a Japanese style stick. Good high end and subdued base. Of all of these this is the 1 I might buy again.
But overall this line is the end for me with them, too many other brands that are really great and worth the money.
I don't know what is up with them but maybe they just don't have their heart in it anymore. Sorry to so critical over some sticks but they could have done much better considering their reputation in the past. Maybe they sold the company to some corporation that well when it happens they don't really care. Well onto the next line of Japanese styles that the good people of Nippy K. will have in the future. Thanks..........M

Bren M.
Subtle and fresh

The scent while it's burning is not overpowering and the scent after the stick has burned is fresh and citrusy. Very nice and refreshing.

Esteban Lemongrass and Mint

A cooling refreshed scent that, from another room, might truly get mistaken as somone making an herbal tea.
The notes of lemongrass subtly intoduces the mint in a complimentary way. I see this being a nice uplifting scent for Summer and Spring but also all year round.
It might also be a nice touch to meditative or yoga sessions.

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