EIJU - Selected Aloeswood 1 roll

EIJU #98184R
EIJU - Selected Aloeswood 1 roll
EIJU - Selected Aloeswood 1 roll

EIJU - Selected Aloeswood 1 roll

EIJU #98184R
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EIJU - "Long Life"

Fragranced with a small portion of this precious high end Aloeswood with a mystical fragrance.

Also available in: EIJU - Selected Aloeswood 10 rolls


Key Note

Selected Aloeswood

Burn Time

Approx. 30 min.

W x H x D (inch)
3/4 x 5 1/2 x x 3/4

W x H x D (mm)

19 x 140 x 19

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Felicia Aaron

This is my first time using this and it will now be a staple, I love it! Solid, harmonious fragrance that sets my evening atmosphere.

Quality agarwood

Very aromatic but not overwhelming it gently hits the nose with quality agarwood sent

La Mims
So Many Aloeswood … So Many Kinds

I cannot believe the selection of Incense Nippon Kodo provides. It’s incredible. I am never disappointed. I have tried so many kinds of Aloeswood and the kicker is, I’d never heard of it until I bought a box of Morning Star about 8 years ago. I asked for a catalog and NK has been my source for the best incense in the world ever since. Aloeswood dethroned Rosewood and Patchouli for me. Those are incredible too. But Aloeswood is my Zen. This is smooth burning and clean burning. Such a pleasure.

My go-to for bedtime

I love the subtlety of this incense. The fragrance is light, sweet, and peppery. It reads almost more like a sandalwood at times. But the subtlety of the scent, and the fact that it doesn’t last long after burning, makes it a great goodnight incense. Every now and then you’ll notice the fragrance, and then it will disappear for a while. Really lovely.


So for a Aloeswood at $7 I wasn't expecting much but this also is well made, no underlying "play dough" like cheap base, it kind of lends it's self to a peppery top note but not harsh.

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