YUME-NO-YUME - Winter - Whooping Crane 12 sticks

YUME-NO-YUME - Winter - Whooping Crane 12 sticks

YUME-NO-YUME - Winter - Whooping Crane 12 sticks

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White Floral musk
Yume-no-Yume (translated as "The Dream of Dreams"), is a contemporary Japanese incense combined with beautiful Japanese art design. The package design reflects the four seasons in Japanese art style and depict dreamy, peaceful images. Yume-no-Yume (The Dream of Dreams) has a subtle, yet full bodied Japanese fragrance. In Japan, the flow of one season to the next is very subtle, which is why the premonition of the coming season is a very important theme in literature and paintings. In the Dream of Dreams line, these premonitions appear in the forms of flowers, plants, and animals. The images, like the seasons, are at times clear and at others fading out. This soothing incense is created especially to evoke pleasant dreams and to remind us of long forgotten memories.


- White Floral Musk: The Cool and velvety-smooth scent of silvery shining snow land.
- A package includes 12 incense sticks and a mini metal incense holder
- Each stick burns about 20 minutes
- Elegant Japanese art printed on a package
- For relaxation, healing, sleeping, stress reduction, massaging, yoga, bathing


Key Note Camellia, Frankincense and Musk
Burn Time approx. 20 min.
W x H x D (inch) 3 15/16 X 5 1/8 X 1/2
W x H x D (mm) 100 X 130 X 13

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James Casselman
Excellent product-Excellent Service

Yume no Yume is / has and probably will be my favorite of Nippon Kodo!
Thank you for the wonderful charcoal soap sample - we will be ordering this as well as the sampler of other fine incenses.
Domo arrigato!!

Paula Doss
One of my favorites

While expensive, this is one of our favorites

Love at first light!

From the moment I lit this, I fell in love. It has virtually no smoke at all- it's just pure, lovely scent!
It does indeed give off a very wintery vibe. It is both spicy and cooling at the same time. I wish this was available in much larger packages. 12 sticks is just too small an amount when you find an incense you fall in love with immediately.

Christiaan T Noe
Not the same formula

I have been purchasing this particular inscence for well over a decade. This is not the same formula/ recipe. I purchase this incense in bulk every couple of years. I just received my purchase about a week ago. This is not the same formula I am used to. The old formula /recipe had a fine white crystals sprinkled on the inscence. The old formula /recipe smelled much cleaner, brighter, better. This is very disappointing that you have changed the recipe after all of these years. This new formula is inferior compared to the old formula. I will not be purchasing this product any more. What a shame, I consider this one of the finest incense in the world, regardless of cost. Shame on you for changing perfection.

Mya Dyth
Wish I could give it 6 stars.

Before burning it, the smell seemed a little odd, musky, and strong. After burning it, it became much more amazing. Smells incredible. Will absolutely be buying more, as soon as possible.

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