YUKARI Ceramic Plate - Green

YUKARI Ceramic Plate - Green

YUKARI Ceramic Plate - Green

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Ceramic Plate with Incense Stand. Celadon Green color. Good for a stick or a cone.

The incense plate has a historical Genji incense crest design carved into it. (“Genji-koh” is one type of incense game in which participants have to smell and guess the incense material. Each of the 52 patterns were named after a chapter in the ‘Tale of Genji’). Together with the fragrance of incense, the holder will bring life and color into your interior space. The icon marked on each stand represents the Japanese word "Go-en (ご縁)" which translates to "fate."

* No two handmade pieces will be alike. The beauty of pottery and ceramics is that each piece has its own character and charm. They will be uniquely different, each telling the story of its maker and crafting process.  

W x H x D (inch) 4-1/4" x 2- 1/4"
W x H x D (mm) 107 X 16 X 72

Customer Reviews

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Brendan Ressler
I will have to buy one for every room

It is even better looking in person and I just need more

judith waidtlow
Very lovely and elegant

The color and size is perfect…..

William Penn
YUKARI Green Ceramic Plate

The color and texture are fantastic and the quality of the item is superb. Unfortunately I can't give this item a better rating as it did not come with the incense holder as shown in the picture, which was really disappointing. Thankfully, the incense I had ordered to use with it came with a small, ceramic square holder. If someone did not own an incense holder they would not be able to use this plate for sticks. If I knew this beforehand I would not have bought this item as I wanted a built in holder, but despite that one major grievance the item is still well made and I will be using it.

Hello William,
We are very sorry the Yukari Plate did not include the incense holder. It is supposed to come with a square tile and we will send that out to you right away. Thank you very much for your order!

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