YUKARI Ceramic Bowl - Brown

YUKARI Ceramic Bowl - Brown

YUKARI Ceramic Bowl - Brown

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Ceramic Bowl with Incense Stand. Deep Amber color. Good for a stick or a cone. For a coil, fill bowl with Natural Ash (sold separately, #922).

The incense plate has a historical Genji incense crest design carved into it. (“Genji-koh” is one type of incense game in which participants have to smell and guess the incense material. Each of the 52 patterns were named after a chapter in the ‘Tale of Genji’). Together with the fragrance of incense, the holder will bring life and color into your interior space. The icon marked on each stand represents the Japanese word "Go-en (ご縁)" which translates to "fate."

W x H x D (inch) 4' x 4"
W x H x D (mm) 105 X 58 X 108

Customer Reviews

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Luz Mama Wolf
Lovely & Functional

I have had many a burner in my day, but this one is simple and practical. The design is very understated and does not require a lot of space. It catches the ash making clean up easy. I added extra & burner squares included with my incense, so I can burn multiple sticks at once. The color is neutral so it adds understated elegance to any area it is placed. I love it. (I purchased 2 brown for home & one white for work.)

Frankie Berry
Incense bowl



As nice as I’d hoped. I may even get another one for another room.

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