SEIUN - SEIUN Chrysanthemum Light smoke 220 sticks

SEIUN - SEIUN Chrysanthemum Light smoke 220 sticks

SEIUN - SEIUN Chrysanthemum Light smoke 220 sticks

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Oriental note with elegant floral fragrance. Less smoke incense. Grace and sweet scents.

As one of the top brands of Nippon Kodo products, Seiun fragrances can be an inspiration to greatness. It has calming and fresh scents. It has a well-known visual package of "The Blue Cloud (a symbol of a bright future) over Mt. Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan)". Seiun incense has a higher concentration of charcoal than other incense. It burns at a hotter temperature with less smoke. This is a value package and contains about 220 sticks.

- No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
- For meditation, relaxation, reading, listening music, peace of mind
- Very little smoke when burning

Character of Fragrance

SEIUN Chrysanthemum has an Oriental note with elegant floral fragrance. It is a lower-smoke incense with graceful and sweet scents.


Key Note:


Burn Time:

Approx. 25min.

W x H x D (inch):

2 15/16 x 6 1/8 1 1/8

W x H x D (mm):

75 x 155 x 29

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
delicate and powdery

I really love this incense, I use it every night to fall asleep. It is a very delicate floral, very soft. I find it to be very relaxing and comforting.


Beautifully light, barely there scent that is slightly floral and creamy. It's wonderful for me as I find many other incense too smokey, and triggers some coughing. This one fills a small room with calm. This is my favourite! I highly recommend this.

Woody Chrysanthemum

This scent is not overwhelmingly smokey, but is moreso than Oedo or Ka-Fuh. It is very pleasant and mild, I definitely recommend it for those who don't mind a little smokiness.

Satanic Capricorn

I would describe this as a creamy floral. Very pleasant fragrance that fills my small house. Minimal smoke.

Gaian Review - Seiun Chrysanthemum

Please read the whole review - it is much more informative then a star rating would be. If you do not have time or interest, I will attempt to encapsulate my feelings on incense at the end.

This is a truly pleasant incense, especially for those who enjoy delicate, long-lasting and effusive scents. Near smokeless, but very resilient despite it's delicate, floral scent, Chrysanthemum incense benefits strongly from the lack of a wooden core. The scent, while soft, would be overpowered with anything else.

As it is, however, for those who enjoy delicate and floral scents, I could not recommend this incense more highly.

Perfect for creating very peaceful and nostalgic atmospheres, for writing or recollection. The wistful scent is pleasant, but those who prefer stronger scents may be disappointed. The scent, well very resilient and long-lasting, is also somewhat faint; consider your tastes, of course.

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