MEIKOH SHIBAYAMA - Floral & Sandalwood 1 roll

MEIKOH SHIBAYAMA - Floral & Sandalwood 1 roll

MEIKOH SHIBAYAMA - Floral & Sandalwood 1 roll

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Mix of Floral & Sandalwood.
A sandalwood and floral less smoke incense meant to embody a Spring field covered in blooming flowers.
Approx. 60-70 sticks in each roll

Also available in: MEIKOH SHIBAYAMA - Signature 10 roll


Key Note
Mix of Floral & Sandalwood

Burn Time

Approx. 30 min.

W x H x D (inch)

3/4 x 5 1/2 x x 3/4

W x H x D (mm)

19 x 140 x 19

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Powdery Floral Scent surprisingly low smoke

To each is own nose, some people might find it off putting, specially if you are a type of user who like to put incense near you as this is very much fragrant. I find it best use if I lit in one corner and let the fragrance fill the room. this is also great if you want to deodorize your room or expecting a guest, it helps cover unwanted odor as this incense is very fragrant- floral powdery scent. I mainly use incense not for religious purposes but more of provide a welcoming ambiance for my home after a stressful day from work or expecting a guess. They should add Meikoh Shibayama in a less smoke category. I mainly buy the NK less smoke incenses such as SEIUN, KA-FUH, Aroma Bliss and Mainchi-koh Cherry and Uzusumi No Sakura. I will be adding this one on my regular item to buy as surprisingly this is reduced smoke incense and very fragrant.

Felicia Aaron

I was hesitant to try this because I don't usually do "floral," but I have to say thus was a surprise inside!! Not overwhelming floral in the least!! I really enjoy this and us such a nice addition to my Nippon Kodo stash!!

Megan C
Relaxing, slow burning

This is my favorite incense, woody with a little sweetness. Not overwhelming or cloying. Very relaxing, perfect for meditation or bed time.

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