MAINICHI-KOH SELECTED - Sandalwood 30 sticks

MAINICHI-KOH SELECTED - Sandalwood 30 sticks

MAINICHI-KOH SELECTED - Sandalwood 30 sticks

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MAINICHI-KOH SELECTED - Sandalwood uses bountiful amount of natural sandalwood powder. Slightly wider in diameter than the traditional sticks, MAINICHI-KOH SELECTED - Sandalwood has an elegant fragrance with dignified sweetness of sandalwood. Each package comes with a holder.

Mainichi-koh (Daily incense, 毎日香) has been the most beloved incense by Japanese people since 1912. 

Key Note:

Burn Time:

Approx. 40 min.

W x H x D (inch):

1 1/16 X 6 1/4 X 1 1/16

W x H x D (mm):

27 X 159 X 27

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The aroma of this brand of sandalwood is perhaps more authentic than others, but it doesn't spread throughout my house like KAYURAGI - Sandalwood does. The KAYURAGI incense is half the cost for 10 more sticks of incense and the fragrance is very good in my opinion.

My favorite incense so far

I was curious about this incense but also a little hesitant because the cost is so high and I've found really inexpensive incense that I enjoy. But, I decided to take a chance and I'm glad that I did.

The quality for these is noticeably different than some less expensive incense I've tried, which these being a much higher quality. The scent lingers in the air and I find that I can actually use only one of these in a day for a room and then the scent still lingers the next day. In contrast, I often burn 4-5 incense sticks in a row of the less expensive incense I like. I find myself reaching for this more than any other incense and use it a lot. The scent is simple and yet complex at the same time, and incredibly pleasant. I can't compare it to other sandalwood incense, since I don't often use incense with only one note (sandalwood, hinoki, etc.) and instead usually use blended incense (floral, fruity, etc.).

The only thing I would note is that the sticks are a little thick and would not fit in my regular incense holder. However, I was able to use the small holder included with it. It's functional, but I'm looking for a more decorative replacement.

Hazel H
Amazing incense

This incense is so far my most favorite. The fragrance is just amazing and the scent can last quite long time after incense is burned. Highly recommended!

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