Why Nippon Kodo Incense?

Among many incense choices in the incense market, you may need good reasons to choose one brand over the other for your best experience with incense. Here are many reasons why Nippon Kodo incense will be your best choice.

Nippon Kodo’s Five Commitments to Quality:

Incense Making Skills: Nippon Kodo's unique fragrances come from tying together closely guarded preparation skills that are more than 400 years old with the sensitivities of modern perfumers. We inherited our skills through writings on the mixture of aromatic woods by Takai Juemon, an incense preparer who supplied the Emperor of Japan in the Tensho era (late 16th century). Perfumers with Japan's best noses and instincts interpret and evolve that tradition to create exquisite fragrances.


Incense Craftsmen: Nippon Kodo has skilled craftsmen who sense very slight differences in daily weather and air conditions and in natural aromatic materials. They have acute senses and gentle hands who handle soft, freshly kneaded incense that need to be cut perfectly which requires high levels of craftsmanship. They carefully finish each product with attention to all aspects of the production process: kneading, cutting, selection, and rolling.


Carefully Selected Materials: When materials can be hard to obtain, our researchers find and gather high-quality materials from around the world through our long, cultivated network. Because we create our incense by using these materials generously and effectively, we engage in forestation and other forms of conservation in Southeast Asia to protect the environments from which they come.


Passing On Incense Culture:  We believe that passing on an intangible cultural activity requires practicing it with a mindset oriented toward preservation for future generations. At Nippon Kodo, we strive to convey the quality of Japan's beautiful traditions with the feeling of pride and respect. We hold lessons on incense burning and engage in activities designed to communicate the significance of Japan's traditional customs. We are taking Japanese tradition to the future in forms that fit with the times.


The Highest Level of Safety: Because we want people to use our incense with a sense of familiarity and peace of mind, we have established reproducible measurement methods for the world of incense making. Using equipment that collects constituents in the air after incense are burned, we conduct regular safety tests with globally standardized measurement technology from Denmark.


Nippon Kodo, one of the leading incense manufacturers in the world, has a long history in the business and skilled craftsmen & researchers that help manufacture a wide range of quality incense that are loved world-wide. It offers a large number of fragrances and forms of incense from woody, citrus, perfumery, aromatic, herbal, spicy, sweet, light fragrance, dense fragrance, less smoke, cones, coil, short-stick, regular stick, long-stick, powder, etc.

Rare items including tools and accessories for the “Koh-Do (the Way of Incense)” practices and ceremonies are also offered. Check out the unique incense trays and burners that you can only find at Nippon Kodo. Gift options including gift cards are also available. Nippon Kodo makes every effort to achieve customer satisfaction and quality customer care.

Another reason that makes Nippon Kodo special is that we send out free incense samples of “staff’s choice” for each order. Enjoy the free samples for you to explore new fragrances that you may not have tried yet.

We hope that you find Nippon Kodo as your “go-to place” for incense, and that you select your favorites from Nippon Kodo’s collections for your everyday needs. To check out the New Arrivals, click here.