Top 3 Spring Scents

The warmer weather and flowers blossoming, Spring has brought forth a refreshing time that melts away the cold winters. Incenses that represent the spring help you savor the refreshing sensation as if taking a breath of clean air in. Here are three incense fragrances we recommend for the spring before we transition into summer:


Cherry Blossoms
A gorgeous and elegant scent that provides a familiar, nostalgic feeling and helps your tired body refresh from the core.


A refreshing and sweet scent thought to be loved by Marie Antoinette that is suitable when you want to spend some quiet, healing time.

A unique scent that makes you feel refreshed and confident.

Recommended Items:
Hana no Hana
• A long-loved scent that has been around since the Meiji era. It was created by a genius incense master, Yujiro Kito, who is thought to have established the Japanese and Western incense culture. This incense has become a cornerstone of various modern scents. It is available in the stick type, swirl type, and comes in 3 variations: Rose, Violet, and Lily. SHOP

Fragrant Sachet
• Perfect to place with your business card holder, transferring the “Kayuragi” scent. It can be also used in your purse or bag bringing you a pleasant smell that makes you feel nostalgic. The Kayuragi line is also available in the stick and cone type as well. SHOP