Nippon Kodo’s Premium Quality Incense

“Enchanting, noble, profound, and subtle - a timeless aroma with endless breadth and evocative depth.”

Nippon Kodo’s Premium Quality Incense

Nippon Kodo's premium incense represents a heritage passed down to this day from the late 16th century Tensho period incense merchant, Koju, who supplied the imperial court with incense. The superior incense uses the rarest of materials and is a collector's collection with a limited annual production. Nippon Kodo's collections will reach to acute spirits with its line of products comprised of profound scents that are created by our non-compromising pursuit of "quality" which can be attained only by those who thoroughly know "the real thing." Top-level artisans who cut no corners take their time in painstakingly handcrafting the matured incense.

Raw Materials and Fragrances

Valuable natural aromatic materials come from the goodness of the earth. The premium incense series is mostly made of rare woods such as Jinkoh (agarwood/aloeswood), Kyara (the rarest and highest grade part of agarwood), and Byakudan (high quality Indian sandalwood).

Jinkoh: A young agarwood tree does not have any fragrance, however, interactions in nature produce an aromatic resin as the tree ages. With time it ages to a very rich, dark resin with a distinctive fragrance which makes the incense have a refined, subtle, and profound fragrance. Country of origin includes Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, etc.

Kyara: Regarded as the rarest and highest grade part of Jinkoh which gives the ineffable fragrance, brings an utmost fulfillment and relaxation. The pure, elegant aroma differs from tree to tree- it has charmed many people through the ages.

Byakudan: Refers to a high quality Indian Sandalwood which delivers a sweet full-bodied fragrance, which brings calmness into people’s minds. Country of origin includes India, Indonesia, etc.

These raw materials are generously and effectively used as Nippon Kodo also engages in forestation and other forms of conservation in Southeast Asia to protect the environments from which they come.

New to Premium Quality Incense?

If you are new to Premium quality incense, we recommend starting with the Premium short stick series such as MAINICHI BYAKUDAN (Sandalwood), JINKOH JUZAN (Aloeswood), KYARA KONGO (Selected Aloeswood), and KYARA TAIKAN (Premium Aloeswood). A conveniently packaged gift set with all four premium incense is available for the holidays.



Perfect for gifts or for a treat to yourself— check out the beautifully packaged short stick UME KOMON (Premium Sandalwood/sweet floral) and KYARA KIKU BOTAN (Premium Aloeswood/refreshing, sweet, spicy, acidic). This series is part of the Gen Collection Incense Series that was born based on the beautiful, traditionally crafted porcelain design of the Old Imari style.


If you would like to see the whole lineup, please check out the Premium Quality Incense page. You will find regular sticks and long sticks, exceptional incense such as KYARA MOMOYAMA, superior incense such as KYARA  HEIAN, and more.

Nippon Kodo’s Premium Quality Incense is known for having a timelessly spellbinding fragrances, fulfilling a moment of relaxation and peaceful mind. Savor the lasting, bewitching delight of the Premium Quality incense, and sense the nuance of aroma created from the delicate process by our fragrant masters.

Premium Quality Incense