by Nippon Kodo

An interior designer and design entrepreneur, Christiane Lemieux, recommends the MORNING STAR Woody 7-piece gift set and MORNING STAR -Sandalwood as the autumn aroma for its “natural and earthy elements.”

Buy These Designer-Approved Gifts to Support Small Businesses Now “I am focused on layering scents these days—because smell is as powerful as sight. When I worked for Ellen DeGeneres, I learned her recipe for scent layering—and I have now expanded it and made a lifelong quest [to find] the perfect layer for each space/moment/season. It’s a huge atmospheric add. …“Try Morning Star Cedar, Morning Star Sandalwood, and Morning Star Green Tea incense. All are conveniently in this gift set. And candles from Le Labo in Soho.” (2020-07-17)

10 Things That Make Christiane Lemieux Happy “When you live in New York City and the prevailing scent is exhaust fumes, it’s really important to create an environment that pulls in natural and earthy elements. I’m particularly drawn to this warm, woodsy scent for fall.” (2019-09-24)

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