How can I use Scented Sachet?

by Nippon Kodo

For fragrance lovers who want to enjoy fragrance without any smoke, using the fragrant sachet is the perfect solution. Fragrant sachet is a handheld pouch with fragrant ingredients inside. Carrying a fragrant sachet is an easy way to enjoy fragrance in or outside your home. For incense users, using sachet is an alternative to burning incense.

Nippon Kodo’s sachet line, KAYURAGI SACHET (Meishi-koh in Japanese), comes in 6 pouches with a paulownia wooden box. Each pouch contains sandalwood blend powder made from Machilus thunbergii with fragrance oil. Fragrances of this product line come from the most popular fragrances of KAYURAGI incense such as Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Pomegranate, Jasmine, Wisteria, White Peach, Osmanthus, etc. Some fragrances are limited in quantity.


There are different ways to enjoy the KAYURAGI SACHET. One way is to place a sachet inside a wallet, purse, pen case, drawers, closet, or travel luggage to experience refreshing fragrance when you use those personal items. Another idea is to enclose a sachet in a greeting card to carry your favorite fragrance to the card receiver. When the receiver opens the greeting card, they will think of you as they enjoy the fragrance. Another suggestion is to place business cards in the KAYURAGI SACHET wooden box, or place one of the sachets in your business card holder to let the cards absorb the fragrance. Each KAYURAGI SACHET is beautifully packaged, perfect for a small gift too.

Many users of the product line state that they have mild fragrances which is pleasant. They like the fact that sachets are portable and compact, barely becoming another thing to carry. When the fragrance fades, some people add a few drops of fragrant essential oil to the sachet to make it last longer.

Try the KAYURAGI SACHET and enjoy the mild fragrance in our outside your home. It is a casual, easy way to feel inner peace. Send your favorite fragrance to your loved one in a letter or as a gift. As a bonus, the precious packaging of the product becomes a small home decor to your interior space. Collect them all!

Avoid using the sachet with garments with gold/silver threads and items with precious metal. Dullness on the surface may occur. Avoid placing the sachet for long hours on painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, and fabric. Changes on the surfaces may occur. Avoid placing them in high temperatures. Use and store out of reach of children. Do not use for other purposes. Do not eat. Do not burn the sachet or the scented powder.


Customer Review on KAYURAGI Sachet - Aloewood
9/6/2019 ★★★★★
“Beautiful, woody scent …without the smoke- This is a lovely, woody scent that I can use where I can’t burn incense…in my office, in my car, etc. I appreciate that this is not powerful or cloying. I am pretty easily annoyed by strong scents, so, always happy to find one that manages to achieve a nice balance between being noticeable without being too noticeable.”- Mississippi Kittenfish

Aug 23, 2022 
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