Enjoy Flowers of Spring: Narcissus, Peony, Lily of the Valley, and Gardenia

Let’s take a moment and smell these precious spring flowers before the weather gets too warm for summer. Give some attention to these precious, exquisite flowers including narcissus, peony, lily of the valley, and gardenia, to name a few.


Narcissus is a flower bulb that when blooms, has a bright yellow trumpet-shaped corona in the center with six white petals with smooth, dark green leaves. Some types have yellow petals. The flower shows resilience and strength as they overcome severe cold weather in the winter. In modern times, narcissus symbolizes rebirth, hope, purity, innocence, and joy. Narcissus has an intense, rich, greenery, and jasmine-like fragrance and bloom for 8 to 10 weeks. The scent of narcissus is said to help reduce stress and calm the mind.


Peony is a lush, gorgeous flower that is native to Europe and Asia, comes in mostly white and different shades of pink. The petals are single and double layers that are fringed or two-toned. Peony symbolizes wealth, honor, fortune, and compassion. The flower has a fragrance that is sweet and citrusy like a mixture of jasmine and rose, and blooms for a short 7 to 10 days. The fragrance of peony is known to help calm the mind and fight against depression and anxiety. It also supports healthy brain functions and improved memory.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley blooms in small clusters of bell-shaped white flowers, native to China and has been popular in France. It is a perennial herb that is good to smell, but poisonous when ingested. It has a clean, sweet, watery, delicate, and crisp green fragrance. The flower symbolizes happiness and renewal, and blooms for about 4 weeks. The fragrance of lily of the valley is known to relieve depression and give a feeling of happiness, comfort, and security.


Gardenia is a type of evergreen shrub native to Asia that comes in white, pink, red, or yellow flowers with thick, leathery leaves. The flower symbolizes purity, gentleness, and good luck. Gardenia has a potent, zesty, spicy, sweet, and green fragrance, similar to coconut, lilac, and jasmine. It blooms for several weeks. The fragrance of gardenia is said to induce relaxation and reduce stress.

Fill your home with the essence of spring. Enjoy the scents of nature with friends and family and spread your fragrant lifestyle!

Enjoy incense with

Narcissus fragrance:

KAYURAGI Narcissus

Keynote: A green floral note of clear and velvety narcissus

★★★★★  “Now this is a excellent well-made stick, very low smoke and hardly any base, just around a 90% overall delicate burn. The Kayuragi people really know what they are doing and this scent proves it, not heavy or perfumery, just a great stick if you want to get away from a woody aloes/sandal for a time. Would make a nice gift to the uninitiated beginner to incense.”-Marc C.

★★★★★  “For years Kayuragi Aloeswood has been my #1 go-to incense. On a whim I decided to try the Narcissus and I can only say that Aloeswood is now tied for first with the Narcissus. I only use 1/2 a stick per burn as I have a very small space and it's perfect... the light, unimposing scent stays in the air for 2-3 days. I would call it more woody than floral but it's a pleasant combination of the two.” –M



Peony fragrance:


Keynote: Peony Tree
Love potion of the geisha quarter, enchantment of the floating world. The sweet scent of peony has untold charms.

★★★★★  “This incense is beautiful. I use it during my yoga practice to calm my mind and uplift my soul. I highly recommend it.” –Candida Junor

★★★★★  “This incense reminds me of when I was a kid and we had peonies growing in our yard. It doesn't have that fake smell that most incense has these days. I will definitely be buying this again.” –Jill

★★★★★ “The aroma on this one is very floral in an old school way, it's sweet and perfumy but with some very musky background.... something warm and fleshy about it. It lingers a bit but doesn't overstay it's welcome, no feeling of stale perfume or dead flowers”-Matthew


Lily of the Valley fragrance:

SCENTSCAPE – Spring Leaves

Keynote: White plum, cherry blossom, and lily of the valley
A refreshing, floral bouquet fragrance symbolizing the arrival of spring with smiles of green leaves and flowers.

★★★★☆ “This is a very lovely scent. I burn it at night and it is very calming, very reassuring…”-Michael Francis

SCENTSCAPE – Spring Leaves

Gardenia fragrance:


Keynote: Gardenia

★★★★★  “…Though I primarily use it for matters of spirituality and reflection, I would strongly recommend Gardenia to anyone who is looking to create a peaceful and reflective atmosphere; it is also a good incense to introduce others to, along with Sandalwood. Very refreshing and invigorating, and I find it makes the atmosphere feel more confident and energetic after the stick has finished burning…” - Gaianist


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