NEW! Scentscape Gift Set & Hana-no-Hana Premium Gift Set

by Nippon Kodo

We have 2 new lovely Valentine's Day gift sets to choose from! Our SCENTSCAPE Gift Set is perfect for those who love the smell of a warm and cozy café.

Comforting fragrances of Coffee & Chocolate and Tea & Hot milk will warm the heart, along with the lovely pink Yukari Lotus Petal incense holder it comes with.

Scentscape Gift Set

Our HANA-NO-HANA Premium Gift Box is an elegant gift, perfect for those who appreciate high-quality incense. Enjoy three beautiful floral fragrances (Rose, Lily, and Violet), all delicately packed together with traditional Japanese washi paper and tied with a Japanese mizuhiki cord. Incense comes with a leaf-shaped ceramic incense holder and an added white square plate to complete the set.

Limited Quantity Available.

Hana-no-Hana Premium Gift Set