Premium Short Stick Gift Set

Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set
Premium Short Stick Gift Set

Premium Short Stick Gift Set

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This premium short stick gift set contains 4 of our highest quality incense in short stick form. Made from the finest of ingredients, each fragrance is luxurious and deep.

KYARA, which is made from the most valued scented wood is the star feature of this set. Also included are the premium MAINICHI BYAKUDAN and JINKOH JUZAN. Each individual package fits in the palm of your hand, making it perfect for travel or on-the-go. An incense plate with a metallized design is also included to complete the set.

Gift is packaged in a wooden box and wrapped in traditional Japanese washi paper. A mizuhiki ribbon in the shape of a plum flower, handcrafted by a historical Japanese artisanal studio, ties it all together. A quality gift for those who appreciate incense. In Japanese culture, the plum flower represents good fortune and health, as they are strong enough to grow in the cold winter.

If you haven't tried them already, this set is perfect for experiencing incense on another level. Only a limited quantity available!

Gift set includes:


Kyara Taikan (伽羅大観) - Premium Aloeswood 20 sticks 
A refined and subtle yet profound fragrance. The most valued scented wood, Kyara (highest quality Aloeswood), is used in Kyara Taikan. Key Note: Premium Aloeswood.

KYARA KONGO (伽羅金剛) - Selected Aloeswood 24 sticks 
The most valued scented wood, Kyara (highest quality Aloeswood), is used for Kyara Kongo. Known to be enjoyed by noblemen of the ancient Japanese Imperial Court. Key Note: Selected Aloeswood

JINKOH JUZAN (伽羅寿山)  - Aloeswood 24 sticks 
A valued scented wood, Jinkoh "Aloeswood", is used to make Jinkoh Juzan. Jinkoh is noted as "graceful in nature, willowy in character, with a pinch of bitterness in mild taste" by old textbooks of Koh-Do (incense appreciation). Key Note: Aloeswood.

MAINICHI BYAKUDAN (毎日白檀)  - Premium Sandalwood 24 sticks 
Made mostly of high quality Indian Sandalwood for a full bodied fragrance. Key Note: Premium Sandalwood.

All Incense: 

  • Burn Time: Approx. 13 min.
  • Each package comes with a small black incense holder
  • W x H x D (inch): 1 x 3 1/16 x 1
  • W x H x D (mm): 25 x 78 x 25



Incense Plate:

Incense Plate - Square x 1

A square incense plate to catch ash. Plate has slightly curved up edges and a lined groove design. Plate has a metallized look with blue and purple hues. To use in accompaniment with an incense holder.

Note: Do not burn incense sticks that are longer than the plate. Not Dishwasher Safe.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Made in Japan
  • W x H x D (inch): 3 1/4 x 1/2 x 3 1/4
  • W x H x D (mm): 83 x 13 x 83

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lorie Johnson
Amazing scents

I have been a customer of Nippon Kodo for many years, and have enjoyed the variety of excellent incense that they offer. My favorite fragrances are sandalwood and aloeswood. Exploring the website led me to the extreme high quality aloeswood, The collection was also very rare and costly. I really wanted to sample some, and was very happy to get a chance with a sample package. I was not disappointed. The incense was wonderful. The care and craftsmanship were apparent and very satisfying.

Jia Hao Fang
New fans

I really enjoy it, the fragrance can help me relax.
The incense plate is at the bottom of the wooden box. You will find an incense holder at each incense box too.

Will order this again

This gift set turned out even better than what I had expected. A real gift from Japan contained in a beautiful wooden box.
All varieties are well marked to distinguish the differences.
The four varieties allow me to choose the mood. The Sandalwood is awesome, but I will burn outside since the scent lingers quite a long time indoors.
The other 3 varieties I use indoors. . Although I purchased this for our home, this makes a beautiful gift for someone else, too. Thank you, I will be ordering again.

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