TENDAN - Sandalwood 60 Sticks

TENDAN - Sandalwood 60 Sticks

TENDAN - Sandalwood 60 Sticks

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Tendan - Sandalwood

High quality incense made from selected scented-wood, sandalwood.
60 sticks.


Key Note Sandalwood
Burn Time Approx. 25 min.
W x H x D (inch) 1 1/16 x 5 7/8 x 1 1/16
W x H x D (mm) 27 x 150 x 27

Customer Reviews

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This is the kind of general, straightforward fragrance you might find in a shop or business meeting. It’s wakeful, direct, and peppery. There is no sweetness. Good for moments when you’d like people to know you’re burning incense.

Marshalla Ramos-Inde
A Sweet & Woody Scent

This sandalwood is a mix between woody and sweet notes and has a pleasant smell. It is very long lasting with medium smoke.

Plant One Tree
Venerable, Clean-Scent Sandalwood

We re-order Tendan Sandalwood every few months because it's enjoyed by everyone in our household. Clean, true-Japanese sandalwood: never overwhelming. Especially nice to use around an outdoor spa or lanai area, but we also use it in our office.
This is a good example of what traditional quality-incense should smell like. Excellent value.

Strong Spicy Sandalwood

As Japanese incense goes, this has a strong and lingring scent; sweet, spicy and woody. I tend not to burn this indoors unless I can open the house for a nice breeze. I especially like to burn this on my veranda where the breeze can catch the scent

Gaian Review - Tendan Sandalwood

Please read the whole review - it is much more informative then a star rating would be. If you do not have time or interest, I will attempt to encapsulate my feelings on incense at the end.

This is a truly heavenly Sandalwood incense. It is VERY light and mild, but longer lasting and slightly more compact then the standard Sandalwood. Because of this, it tends to stay stronger as a scent after a stick is finished burning, but if you are simply burning incense for a half-hour before leaving, you will not be able to fully enjoy it.

Despite the subtle initial scent, the lingering aroma is very present and slightly more powerful - just enough so that you feel as if you have almost burned another stick.

As a subtle and familiar scent, I would recommend Tendan Sandalwood strongly as a first incense, especially to those who think they might prefer more delicate scents. If you have a narrow window of time to enjoy incense, normal Sandalwood may suit your purposes better.

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