Frankincense 10g
Frankincense 10g
Frankincense 10g
Frankincense 10g
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FRANKINCENSE is a tree resin with woody, spicy scent that has been used since ancient times. The melting of resin will release a healing aroma into the air, purifying and blessing your home. Frankincense resin is burned typically with using charcoal discs.

How to Use: Light the edge of a charcoal disc using a pair of metal tongs. When the disc is lit, place it (with indentation on top) in a fireproof dish filled with sand. Place a small amount of frankincense resin on the disc. Keep adding the resins every several minutes or so and remove the old residue before adding new resin. After use pour water on the charcoal to extinguish.

Caution: Be sure burner is placed and remains on a heat resistant surface when in use.

・ Please be careful when dealing with fire.
・ Please keep out of reach of children and pets.
・ Do not use for other purposes.



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