by Nippon Kodo

The "Ten Virtues of Koh" is a list of the benefits derived from the use of incense. These Ten Virtues have been passed down from the 15th century (the Muromachi Era) and are still cited today as uniquely capturing the spirit of Koh (incense).

  1. 感格鬼神  Brings communication with the transcendent.
  2. 清淨心身  Purifies mind and body
  3. 能除汚穢  Removes uncleanliness.
  4. 能覺睡眠  Keeps one alert.
  5. 静中成友  Can be a companion in the midst of solitude.
  6. 塵裏偸閑  Brings a moment of peace in the midst of busy affairs.
  7. 多而不厭  One never becomes tired of it even if there is plenty of it.
  8. 寡而為足  One is satisfied even though there is little of it.
  9. 久蔵不朽  Does not change its efficacy.
  10. 常用無障  Does no harm even if used every day.

After these Ten Virtues were established, Koh gradually evolved away from the sophisticated elegance of the courtier and acquired a character of discipline, the way of Koh (Koh-Do).